Seun Kuti addresses Yahoo boys, says they are criminals just like the political elite

- Following the social media debate that ‘Yahoo business’ is as a result of the state of the Nigerian economy, Kuti lays it bare - In his post, the afrobeat star stated that there is no difference between Yahoo boys and the political elite in Nigeria Afrobeat star, Seun Kuti, seems to be taking right after his father; the legendary Fela Kuti in throwing shots at politicians in the country. For a few weeks now, social media users have been arguing for and against the usefulness and genesis of internet fraud in Nigeria, especially among young boys. Some celebrities have stated that it is a result of Nigeria’s poor economy and some have even justified the act, stating that it is nothing compared to colonialism and slave trade. Read more:

Just recently, Seun Kuti, shared his two cents about the ‘Yahoo business ‘ which many have described as pure criminality that should be addressed. According to Kuti, there is no difference between ‘Yahoo business’ and corruption and in fact, Yahoo boys are the legitimate children of the political and business elite who rob Nigerians everyday.

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