Music:Gunna-Sauce to Drip"

Gunna links up with a "Drip Originator."

The Sauce Twinz are criminally overlooked; I suspect it boils down to a case of favorite child syndrome, in the eyes of the public. Sosamann's right-hand man Sauce Walka incessantly talks about an "industry blacklisting" at the hands of an angry God, who shall remain unnamed. I'll let you come to your own conclusions on the matter.
Although less outspoken, Sosamann shares the sentiment with his riding partner. Neither member of the Twinship is keen on throwing up the flag on their creative output. In fact, both Sosa and Walka rounded out 2018 in productive fashion, the former waiting 'til January to resume the incoming bombardment of material (sauce overload).
On "Sauce to Drip," we find Sosamann's guest showing him reverence. In the past, Gunna has given the Sauce Twinz some credit for putting the expression "Drip" into circulation. Although he doesn't broach the subject openly, Gunna's deference to Sosamann on Sauce Eskobar 2 is confirmation in its own right. Drip can and will be shipped out of state, free-of-cost, so long as H-Town receives a nice chunk of cultural clout in the process. Kudos to Gunna for keeping it 100, in the midst of a media blackout.
Quotable Lyrics:
I got a gun filled with hollow tips 
Gotta trap, ain't no way I could trip
You know my bitch like a stray dog on a pill
Half a mil up and I ain't signed a deal
I can't sip it if it ain't come with a seal.
- Gunna

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