News:Drake Threatens Kanye West? [Everything You Need To Know]

Drake Threatens Kanye West?
On Thursday night 13th December, Kanye West took to his twitter account to put Drake on Blast in a series of tweets, saying drake threatened him over the phone. Things have not been rosy between both parties since the recent beef between Drake and Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music Label Mate Pusha T, who is also the president of the Label. So how did this all start?
The beef between Drake and Pusha T, started as far back as when Lil Wayne and Drake were under Birdman’s Cash Money Label. Pusha T used to go by the name ‘Clipse’ at the time, and he featured on a Birdman track that was produced by Pharell and Chad Hugo.
Apparently, there was a disagreement between Pharell and Cash Money as he and Hugo were not paid for their work on the track, so Pharell didn’t work with the label or its’ artistes ever again.
Pharell also had a certain brand about him for a while, where he mixed skating and hip hop themes into his dress sense and art, and also influenced Pusha T with the style. Years Later, Cash Money artiste Lil wayne tried to jock the same style and make it his own, which resulted in Clipse ( Pusha T) throwing subliminals on a diss track in 2006 titled ‘Mr Me too’ where he accused Lil wayne of biting Pharell’s style and lil wayne responded saying that when Pharell wore it, it was weird but he took the style and made it cool.
The beef between both parties never really went to bed, with more shots going back and forth from both camps. Fast forward to a few years later, where we had Drake and Lil wayne being label mates and giving us tons of jams together. Drake allegedly dissed Pusha T on his song titled ‘Dreams money can buy’, and so Pusha came back with a diss track where he sampled the same track and took shots at both Drake and Lil wayne.
Afterwards, Pusha T dropped another track in 2012 titled “Exodus 23:1” where he Disses drake about issues involving his contract with Cash Money.
This sparked a series of back and forth shots between Drake and Pusha T over the years, with some really personal jabs thrown.
However, the most recent shot which sparked up the recent issues which involved Kanye west, was the track titled ‘Infrared’ on Pusha’s Album ‘Daytona’, where he disses drake about using a ghost writer, which is somewhat a taboo in the hip hop scene.
Pusha rapped “…It was written like Nas but it came from Quentin”, and Quentin in that bar is a reference to Quentin Miler who allegedly writes verses for Drake. This line had Drake respond to the diss track in less than 24 hours after the Daytona Album dropped, on a fire joint titled ‘duppy freestyle’ where he addressed the Quentin Miller issues, talks about the declining state of Pusha T’s career and even goes ahead to call Kanye out stating that both Pusha and Kanye definitely owe him some money for giving promo to Pusha T’s album with that response and reviving his career.
Pusha’s response to duppy freestyle titled ‘Story Of Adidon’ really had everyone shocked, as he spilled some very secret and personal tea on the track. Pusha disses drake’s parents and even reveals that drake had a son with a retired porn star sophie brussaux, which he had kept secret.

This had drake silent on the issue for a while but later talked about the baby on his album ‘scorpion’ where he responds on many tracks on the album, most notable, were this bars on the track ‘emotionless’, which had social media laughing and trolling where he said “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid”.
So you might be wondering at this point, why should Drake and Kanye be in a feud , if this really is about Drake and Pusha T. Well, according to an interview with Drake on HBO’s show the shop’, he reveals why he also has problems with Kanye. He explains that Kanye west pressured him into revealing details about his own album ‘scorpion’ but not letting him know that he was working on an album of his own at the time.
He also played Drake a beat according to him and told drake he could have it if he wanted it and drake was excited and even started writing to the instrumental. Kanye then invited Drake to Wyoming, where he was apparently working on his own album, but Drake didn’t realize that till ‘40’, (Noah Shebib who has produced many tracks for Drake) arrives in Wyoming a day earlier and let’s Drake Know that Kanye was working on an album. Drake was surprised, as he revealed that Kanye had told him to come over to Wyoming to pick beats.
When drake got to Wyoming, he realized that Kanye was truly working on a project and the whole meeting was about Kanye, and Drake ended up working on Kanye’s music and assisting him with ideas on the project. They even worked on the instrumental that Kanye had played for Drake in studio earlier and Kanye released the song later by himself, titled ‘Lift yourself’.
The betrayal Drake feels does not end there, as he reveals that while he was in Wyoming, he got to talk to Kanye about his upcoming album ‘Scorpion’ where even played a track titled ‘March 14’, which detailed his issues with his baby mama and also talks about the fact that he had a son, which was a secret at the time”.
Drake felt bad that even after working on Kanye’s music in Wyoming and Letting him in on his personal issues. Kanye produced the track ‘infrared’ for Pusha T where Pusha disses Drake and he also suspects that Kanye might have been the one who told Pusha T about his son to use in gaining points during the beef. This whole situation has led to public feuds between Drake and Kanye, and Drake even bought out the first two front row seats at Pusha’s concert, and the people sitting in those sits threw what appeared to be gallons of beer at the stage, which got Kanye Mad.
As regards the series of tweets by Kanye a few hours ago, He revealed that recently, OVO (Drake’s label) sent a request for clearance to Kanye West for a track they did earlier but Kanye refused, taking to his twitter account and demanding that Drake apologizes before he clears the track.
Apparently Kanye had been trying to talk to drake for a few months, but Drake refused, until now when he needed to clear the track. According to Kanye, Drake finally called to talk about the track but didn’t apologize, instead, Drake called to threaten him, therefore, he has not cleared the track.
He also goes on and on about other issues in his tweets, addressing the events at Pusha’s concert, also stating that he didn’t reveal the secret about Drake’s son to Pusha T. He talks about the threats and, even addresses issues about Drake taking shots at Kid Kudi about his Mental Health, as seen in the screenshots below. During all this, Drake responded with laughing emojis on Instagram. Let’s see how things unfold in the coming days.

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