ALBUM REVIEWS: Future – Beast Mode 2

Future Beast Mode 2 Review
“Future and Zaytoven create a masterpiece which might be falling short of their glory”
Hendrixx has decided to grace us with Beast Mode 2. Future has always been about consistency. He’s been the kind of artist to give his listeners what they need when they need it.
He’s like a superhero and what’s a superhero without a sidekick? Zaytoven has been a badass producer for Future for a long time coming and few never falls short of expectations.
With Beast Mode 2, future and Zaytoven have proven to be unstoppable and way better than the future we saw in the original Beast Mode. Here’s my take on the record that is Beast Mode 2, let’s go!!
This one starts with a very soft build up. Okay Zaytoven. I can hear keys and instruments that sound like the wind. The best just dropped, Zaytoven definitely snapped on this cause the beats are sick as hell. Trap Trap, as usual, Future thanks for blessing us.
Every line is tapped with so much enthusiasm, he really loves his studio time cause he never sounds bored.
The Intro to this album is so fire, I’m glad it’s production is crazy. A solid 9, let’s go deeper.
Another slow build up. Every tone sounds super gloomy. Is there gonna be any action or hat?
Future starts to rap, it’s super smooth how Zaytoven is always able to sync the drums at the intro. I love the harmony in the instruments.
I think I might give this a 9, but not let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet. Futures flows night give you a seizure, it’s that sic.
There’s a high chance you will want to play this song again and again cause it’s production is tight.
Cuddle my wrist, a 9.
This is going to be a blast. There’s melodic keys,  I’m ready for this. Zaytoven makes beautiful trap music come alive.
This song fits right into the part. More than seconds into it and it doesn’t sound as catchy as I want coveted it to. Oh why?
Future sounds stuff and straightforward, it’s upsetting. There’s some kind of weird flow and I don’t enjoy this right now.
The hook! I’m shook! Okay there something about this hook. I might have judged way too soon, it’s infectious. Someone come take me home. Did my ears just open up or what?
I should give this track one more play, I think it needs to grow on me.
4. 31 DAYS
He’s in album mode. I like this new flow, it’s fiery. Future has a way around his word okay, it’s crazy. When Future said that this was a moment of clarity, he wasn’t lying. I’m hooked! He sounds like he’s possessed by some music god. His transition in in and out of the Beats has me wheezing.
Future actually knocked out the entire track, I find myself liking this. “31” is so far my king of Beast Mode 2
ZAYTOVEN! Again! This is smooth. Future sounds like he’s making a soul bearing song. I love the collaborations that is Zaytoven and Future. They are perfect in each song. For 10 years they have been able to put out serious hits together.
“Sleeping on the floor made my heart colder”. I wonder if this is related to “Itchin” because  when Future said “Told my grandma I don’t need a bed, I’m sleeping on the floor”, I felt that.
“Full of medication, I wouldn’t change it”. It seems like Future has been struggling with his drug addiction for a while now, there’s something different in this red light Future hat I’m seeing.
I wish Zaytoven had let the excess noise cut out, not sure I like this one.
An obvious banger this one. A club hit? Will it be? The intro to this is sick; I’m deceased. Nice voice and flow to it okay!
This guy called young scooter might be a genius. He’s rapping with his soul. His flows are that of a street rapper who needs to survived
Never heard of him before now but damn I’d want to listen to him again.
Future comes up but I think I want to listen to more Scooter. His energy is fast paced too and I don’t know what I’m going to do with y ears.
Zaytoven chopped beats and served them to us for the whole day, a 10.
I’ve gotten used to hearing Zaytoven at the beginning of every track and I always expect it to get better.
I like fu drums, they sound like congas. This is a strong record; Future sounds like he’s in his feelings right now.
“I’m dropping out of school, but I swear it didnt stop my education” – is going to be an actual line for people this summer.
I like his consistency in serving up lines but I wished this game out different.
Not what I expected and far from the regular Future
I love these keys. This is good stuff. Future sounds so comfortable, he was born for his. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but this might be my fav song on this one.
My ears are all in this cause I didn’t expect Fiture to go all hard. Like he knew what I needed and he decided to give it to me.
There’s a certain way to Futures lifestyle that is so catchy; he’s given stories that’ll make ou wonder where he grew up in.
This might actually be a favorite number for me. My ears are loving and wanting more of listening to Future rap so confidently.
“I’m trying to get high as I can”, that’s a spirit lol. His mood feels triumphant. He’s got this.
Okay this has gone south. Why does this sound super dark. Why does he hate his real self? Wow, this song is paranoia in itself. He has a bit of regret in his voice.
Everyone knows how revealing Future can get in his music but this seems a whole new different.
His likes are sticking but the best really isn’t it and I’m beginning to wonder why Zaytoven didn’t put more smoke all up in this outro.
Lyrically feat but production does not cut it for me. A 5/10 for me, Sorry Future.
Beast Mode 2 shows Future in his rawest form, he did good with this.There has always been an established chemistry between Future and Zaytoven. Beast Mode 2 only proves that even more.
Beast Mode 2 is a Lotts but far from perfection as ever single ounce of production is merged its a slightly mis patterned lyric and mannerism.
Although expectations were higher, Future did not disappoint. There was consistency and poise, something a few tap artists can’t balance together.
Asides everything, this is not “Mask Off” Future And we kind of deserve that part of Nayvadius.

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