Hilarious! Lady Told Her Tailor To Make A Simple Gown For Her, She What She Got

A young Nigerian lady has taken to social media platform to cries out after her tailor whom she gave materials to make a gown for her but end up making oversized dress for her.
According to Flozy Osiobe, she gave her tailor 6yards of material to make a gown for her and to help her keep the remaining but unfortunately the tailor decided to use the material as she sees it by making oversized gown for her and even instructed her to be using belt with the gown.
According to what she wrote:
“I must RANT this one. That’s was how my tailor made this for me after paying her to make a simple gown for me, gave her 6 yards keep my remaining fabric I’ll use it I told her, she end up with this saying i should wear it with bet. I left her shop angry. Pls tailors in the group help me see this matter.”


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