News:Drake & The Weeknd's Relationship Reportedly Souring Over Bella Hadid

Drake and The Weeknd allegedly have some tension between them. 
Drake and The Weeknd are linked in more ways than one. Growing up in the same city, both men have come from humble backgrounds to achieve superstar staus in the music industry. 2016 saw them both release chart-topping albums, withViews and Starboy continuing to make waves on major streaming platforms as well as with consistent radio airplay. However, the native Torontonians may be experiencing a bump in the road in their relationship. As The Daily Mail reports, the tension between the two has risen because of one woman: Bella Hadid.
Sources say that Hadid's new romance with the "One Dance" rapper has The Weeknd supposedly feeling a little on the salty side. The report also states that, because the two stars have a lot of the same friends and roll with a bunch of the same crew, many of those close to both Drake and The Weeknd are being forced to "pick sides" when it comes to Drake's rumored fling with the model. Hadid dated The Weeknd for a spell, but the couple split up last year. The "Starboy" singer has since moved on to new girlfriend Selena Gomez.
The issue at hand is whether or not Drake broke the unspoken "bro code" by going after the ex of one of his closest pals in the industry. Speculation has been rampant as to how long Hadid and Drizzy have been seeing each other, with one such report from earlier this year stating that the two have been "secretly dating" since June. Whatever the case may be, it's safe to say that Drake and The Weeknd are at odds right now. Not long ago, Aubrey was even sending some signalsover to Abel saying that they should collaborate on a musical project in the near future. Who knows if this new bit of supposed tension will dampen either of their spirits when it comes to hooking up for a musical project.

What do you think? Is Drake stepping out of bounds by allegedly dating Bella Hadid? Or is The Weeknd overreacting? Let us know below.

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