News:Exclusive Interview with Aunvee and Adesqueen.

*What is behind your departure from kass city entertainment?*

Honestly, lets say it was a one year deal.. But we were not on the same page about certain issues like they wanted me to do a jam with run town and some other artist and i felt it was just a leap too early.
I have a song with dremo, i wanted to drop that first, i have one with orezi, i wanted to drop that too.. So i wanted a gradual thing but they didnt even want me to drop MONEY NO BE PROBLEM with yung6ix too.. Couple of issues like that.

 So that means there is something Kass city are not saying relating to the song money no be problem,them not wan you to sing the song with yung6ix?

Moreorless its like we were not on the same page abt the market we wanted... So it was irreconcilable differences that caused the split.

Back to the issue at hand what's behind the new beef alert between you and bacotelli.

Its not an issue to me... If u ask me... Am indifferent about it

How indifferent?
Based on the rumors in town saying you called an artist a prostitue for not accepting your proposal to date her?
We like to know what's behind this matter?
Or is it just media rumors?

Really... Am trying to figure that out cos i havnt asked a girl out in a while... But if the girl is fine, e go pain me say she no accept... Lol.. Kidding... But i think she will have to give her own event of things... But am a really polite guy, those that know me, know this about me.

The issue is complicated but has bacotelli approached you on any basis?
Have you recieved any beef sign from bacotelli?

Really not an issue for me...

Is there any message you have for your fans???

NAGOOOOOOODE is all i can say to them... No be say na me sabi pass but them still love me.. Am honoured


Rumors are saying aunvee called you prostitue?

U mistaking
I had issues with bakoteli last three months or soo.
Wen I left there record label to the king of party jam record label because am not OK with them Nd after when bakoteli heard it he was very angry and d next thing was bakoteli to blog me that am a record label prostitute
See evidence below

After an exclusive interview with aunvee and adesqueen it show that there is no response from aunvee to bacotelli's beef clearly showing aunvee did nothing wrong to deserve this from bacotelli.
The king of party jam Kasmo cautions dem both to calm pls.....

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